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Mr. Fire Safety is the nation’s #1 trusted fire prevention provider to all eating establishments. In addition to fire safety we strive to provide a bundle of other services needed by all eating establishments. All our franchises are insured, bonded as well as certified as per NFPA Code 96 and NFPA Code 10.

Solid Franchise Model, with Repeat Business

Mr. Fire Safety gives you 3 very lucrative services that are needed by ALL restaurants:

exhaust hood cleaningExhaust Hood Cleaning

Exhaust hood cleaning is required by ALL restaurants 2-4 times per year & is government mandated, restaurants have to do it or they will get shut down by the township fire inspector. Exhaust hood cleaning is a solid service with repeat business, reliable & recurring revenue in any economy.

waste oil collectionWaste Oil Collection

Waste Oil Collection is what we call "Black Gold". We collect the waste cooking oil from restaurants and then turn around and sell it and turn it into bio-diesel fuel.

oil filtration machine rentalCooking Oil Filtration Machine Rental

Cooking Oil Filtration Machine Rental is our top secret services that saves restaurants 50% or more on their cooking oil and cuts their oil consumption in half each month while giving them consistent fried food and a safe way to clean their fryer and filter their cooking oil. We rent our cooking oil filtration machine to restaurants and they can use it as often as they like while we sit back and collect the rent each month!


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